Easy Stock Transfer and Account Management Through the Investor Centre™ Website

You might be surprised to learn about all the account management features available to account holders and new investors through the Investor Centre™ website, such as:

  • Simplified stock transfer process using our Transfer Wizard (more details below)
  • Online tax certification
  • Alerts to let you know if you are missing a tax form, haven’t voted your proxy or haven’t yet cashed or deposited a check that was mailed to you
  • Ability to make purchases, reinvest dividends and sell shares – including placement of limit orders
  • Account maintenance (address and contact details)
  • Banking details for direct deposit
  • Electronic delivery preferences
  • Full account and transaction history
  • Online statements and tax forms

Transfer Wizard
Here’s a closer look at one of these features, the Transfer Wizard. If you want to transfer shares of stock to someone else – for example giving shares of stock to a family member or a charity – the Transfer Wizard is designed to take the mystery out of the process.

You can go to www.transfermystock.com and fill in your account information online to get started. Or if you are logged into the Investor Centre website and looking at your holdings, you can begin the process by using the “select action” button, and clicking “Transfer Shares.”

The Transfer Wizard will walk you through every step of your transfer. If your transfer qualifies for immediate processing, you will be able to complete your transfer with just one click – no paperwork required. If your transaction has other requirements that may need to be mailed, you'll be able to print your completed forms, add the other required items and mail them all directly to Computershare for processing.

About the Investor Centre Website

The Investor Centre website launched in 2000 and offered state-of-the-art features from day one. Shareholders could view their holdings and historical transactions online, as well as enroll in electronic delivery of statements.

The Investor Centre website has grown and matured along with the web. Today, more than one million shareholders use the Investor Centre site to manage their investments, retrieve important account information and buy and sell shares.

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