Online Replacement of Lost Certificates

As an Investor Center™ user, you are already aware of the benefits of electronic access to your holdings.  But in the case that you may have misplaced some of your old paper certificates, you’ll need to replace them so that you can transfer or sell shares. 

As of January 2016, Investor Center users now have the ability to replace lost certificates online, subject to certain limitations. We are the first major U.S. transfer agent to offer this shareholder-friendly solution to reporting and replacing lost certificates. The new process eliminates the extended steps of speaking with a service representative, and then waiting for an affidavit form to arrive in the mail. 

Need to report the loss of a certificate? You can now alert us through the Investor Center site to reduce the risk of fraud if it may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Simply need to replace a certificate? Go to your portfolio page, select the security and select the “Replace Certificate” option. Certain individual holders may even have access to their replaced holdings the same day.

The applicable fees and surety premium as well as restrictions that may apply depending on the specific securities and type of account will be clearly displayed.

Bottom line: We think you will find this new option to be a welcome convenience for replacing lost securities.

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