Important Information to Know for Your Tax Return

For many, tax season presents an opportunity to get back a little money that can help pay for a new car, a much needed vacation or home repair. For others, the coming of tax season is not nearly as eagerly anticipated. Regardless of which side you are on, the fact remains that we must file our taxes.

Computershare makes gathering your tax information and filing your taxes a little easier. All 1099-DIV tax forms were mailed to Computershare account holders by Jan. 31. All 1099-B forms will be mailed by Feb. 15. If you can’t locate your tax documents, don’t worry, they are also available through the “Access your tax forms” link on Computershare’s Investor Center™ website.

Computershare also offers other helpful features for your tax preparation process:

  • All tax forms and account historical statements are available through the “Statements and Documents” tab on the Investor Center site. These historical statements provide much needed cost basis information.
  • We are the first transfer agent to provide a secure interface with the largest tax filing software providers in the U.S. Users of H&R Block tax software or TurboTax can import their information directly into those applications. We provide a “control number” on most tax forms. This control number, along with other identifying information, is required to import your information into the tax software.

Whether you’re one of the lucky people getting money back from your tax return or if you find yourself owing a little more, with Computershare you can be sure your tax information is secure and easily accessible.

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